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Projectors are versatile devices designed to enhance the viewing experience for a wide range of commercial and residential settings. From corporate offices to educational facilities and home theaters, our guide will help you determine which projector is best for your customers’ needs – no matter what the application is.

Types of projectors


Business projectors, also called data projectors, are specifically designed to support professional environments where information and data need to be effectively presented to a large audience. These projectors are valuable tools to heighten engagement and collaboration during business meetings, conferences, lectures, live performances and other events where content needs to be displayed. Compared to other projectors, business projectors offer higher resolution and brightness, more advanced connectivity options and high-quality audio. Some additional features and software business projectors may include built-in speakers, wireless connectivity, split-screen display and more.

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Offices, conference and convention centers, schools, universities, houses of worship, government departments, airports, entertainment venues


Multimedia projectors are very similar to business projectors in that they offer a variety of high-resolution options, multiple connectivity choices and high brightness. While some multimedia projectors may not offer the same professional quality and capabilities as business projectors, they can still provide an exceptional viewing experience during business meetings, events, lectures and more. Multimedia projectors are often used for both commercial and residential settings as a multi-purpose tool.

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Offices, schools, universities, entertainment venues, retail stores, museums, houses of worship, home theaters, multimedia rooms 

Short throw/ultra short throw

Unlike other projectors, short throw projectors are designed to be placed close to the projection surface in order to project images. Short throw projectors are the best choice for areas with limited space, since they only need to be a couple of feet away from the projection surface. For rooms that require even more space, there are also ultra-short throw projectors that can be placed a few inches from a wall.

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Schools, retail stores, museums, home theaters, multimedia rooms

Home theater

Home theater projectors can deliver a cinematic experience and elevate any home theater. These projectors offer a variety of high-resolution options, brightness and contrast to account for a wide use of multimedia applications. Home theater projectors can be used to stream content, watch movies, play games and as a visual tool in the home office.

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Home theaters, home offices, multimedia rooms 

Projector features 

DLP vs. 3LCD 

Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors use micro mirrors on a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chip to reflect light and create images. These projectors are available in single or three DMD chip options; the three-chip DLP projectors offer higher and sharper color accuracy compared to the single-chip. It’s important to note that DLP projectors are flexible tools and can be installed in both bright and dark environments. This is because they offer a high contrast ratio that projects more dynamic images for settings with little amounts of light and high brightness levels to break through a well-lit room.

DLP projectors also provide viewers with excellent image quality and fast response times.

Three-panel liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors use three separate LCD panels that are red, green and blue to project images. Compared to other projector technologies, 3LCD projectors offer higher color accuracy, brighter images, a wider viewing angle and greater energy efficiency. Unlike DLP projectors, LCD projectors do not exhibit the rainbow effect like single-chip DLP projectors do.


Throw distance 

Throw distance is the distance between a projector and its projection surface. The placement of a projector and its image size is determined by the throw ratio – a value that represents the ratio between the throw distance and width of the projected image. For example, a throw ratio of 2.0:1 means that for every two feet of throw distance, the projector will project an image width of one foot. Remember, the throw ratio will depend on the projector you choose to install and the desired screen size.


Screen resolution is the number of pixels a projector can display horizontally and vertically. For projectors, it’s especially important for the resolution of the content being displayed to match the projector’s resolution for optimal image quality. To avoid pixelated content, ensure that the source device matches the projector’s resolution or has the necessary scaling features to match the projector’s resolution. 



Brightness is measured in lumens, which indicate the amount of light output by the projector. This means that the higher the lumens a projector has the brighter the projected image will be. Projectors designed with a higher lumen count are better for brightly lit environments, while projectors with a low lumen count work best for dimmer rooms. 


Projectors with high contrast ratios, or High Dynamic Range (HDR), offer more vibrant and dynamic images compared to standard HD projectors. The higher the contrast ratio the more deep and rich images a projector will exhibit.

HDR Projectors

Projector screens

It’s recommended for projectors to project onto a projector screen for a higher quality viewing experience. Projector screens offer higher contrast, sharpness and color reproduction. No matter the application, projector screens come in a variety of screen sizes for both commercial and residential applications.

Pro Projector Screens Residential Projector Screens

Projector accessories

Pair your customers’ projectors with essential projector accessories for a complete setup. From mounts to Wi-Fi adapters and cases, ADI has everything you need to get the job done.

Pro Projector Accessories Pro Projector Lenses Pro Projector Mounts Pro Projector Cases Residential Projector Mounts and Accessories

Services and Support

Project Registration

Register your project with ADI for free and offer your customers the best price for top-performing products and solutions from the industry’s leading brands. Get in touch with our Project Registration team today by filling out a short form.

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Herman Integration Services

Subcontract your AV labor to take on more projects and grow your business with Herman Integration Services. Herman’s technicians and support staff can install your next projector project, provide pre- and post-sales support, program devices and troubleshoot.

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Systems Design

Need help choosing the right projector for your customer? ADI’s System Design team is here to help installers and dealers find the right products at the best possible price. Get in touch with our Systems Design team today by filling out a short form.

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