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Like most organizations, educational facilities have had to adapt to meet the health and safety needs of students, teachers and staff. From enhancing collaborative learning spaces to prepping entryways with advanced security systems, see how you can confidently work with school administrators to integrate the latest technologies and create connected and safe school campuses. Contact our experienced ADI team for help on your next educational facility installation. 

Multi-Purpose Educational Spaces

Hybrid-learning environments

Networking capabilities are more important than ever for hybrid learning. While some students have returned to a traditional classroom, many districts have added online-only plans for the next school year. And 49% of current college virtual learners plan to enroll in online courses even after campuses fully reopen, according to a Best Colleges survey.

Auditoriums and theaters

Auditoriums must be equipped with high-performing AV systems and solutions that will ensure every component is displayed and heard as intended by the presenter. Whether they are watching a performance or listening to a lecture, everyone in the audience benefits from clear, crisp sound and visuals without equipment malfunctions.

Collaborative spaces

Libraries, teachers’ lounges, computer labs and on-campus eateries serve as alternate classrooms where users collaborate on projects or discuss lessons and lectures. Equipping these areas with modern connectivity solutions creates dynamic environments that allow users to maximize their productivity and enhance their learning experience.

Latest Innovations and Technologies


Fire alarm systems are the first response for alerting students, visitors, and faculty members of a potential fire. These solutions are vital to keeping everyone safe during an emergency. Maintaining and ensuring alarms, extinguishers and other fire equipment are installed and serviced properly can protect lives.


Having appropriate building access control systems installed is key for providing convenient ways for users to enter, exit and move throughout buildings while maintaining effective security. Touchless systems help minimize touchpoints and keep users safe through biometric and thermal readers.


Schools and universities require a uniquely designed paging and intercom system that meets all their communication needs. These systems are heavily relied on to efficiently notify people inside a building of emergencies, quickly locate students or employees and broadcast announcements.


From wireless presentation systems and dynamic video solutions to high-definition audio setups, our wide selection of pro AV products let you create innovative audio and video installations that make learning environments more engaging and productive.


Having enough bandwidth and a strong network that provides reliable coverage is critical for educational institutions to offer innovative learning environments and experiences. Cellular boosters can strengthen wireless signals throughout the building while routers, switches and PoE devices help establish a powerful wired network.


Video surveillance solutions are key to supporting an educational facility’s security and keeping students, teachers and staff safe. IP video technology can provide surveillance solutions that are not only cost-effective but highly flexible and scalable — offering benefits like remote video monitoring and improved storage capabilities.


In privacy areas where video cameras or recording devices are not an option, innovative sensors offer additional security such as gunshot detection and identifying calls for help. These sensors also provide environmental detection such as vaping and smoking in bathrooms or dorm rooms, or chemical spills and hazardous gases in areas like science labs or maintenance closets.

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