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Prepare Your Customers for the Holidays With Products From ADI

As the holidays approach, homeowners' attention turns to throwing parties, buying gifts and decorating the house, inside and out. Now is the time to make sure your customers have all the latest products and services for a happy, safe and fulfilling holiday season – from home automation and entertainment to wiring and cable.

Go on autopilot with the latest home automation.

With so much to do this time of year, your customers will be eager to find ways to shorten their to-do list. That's where home automation enters the picture. Voice assistants allow customers to turn on music, create a holiday shopping list, and even make purchases – all with simple voice commands. Home hubs, on the other hand, connect a variety of devices such as speakers, thermostats, lights and more, so the homeowner can turn each of these devices on and off with the touch of a button or a voice command.

Not only do home automation products offer convenience during the busy holiday season, they also offer security benefits. For example, homeowners can put lamps and other indoor lights on a timer with smart plugs, making it seem like someone is home even when they're not.

Protect packages with video doorbells and home security cameras

According to a recent survey by Finder, a product comparison website, more than one in 10 Americans – or 35.5. million – say thieves have taken a package from them in the last year, representing nearly $5.5 billion in stolen goods.

Fortunately, a variety of smart home devices can help your customers discourage package thieves – or catch them in the act. Products like video doorbells and security cameras can help homeowners see who is coming and going, let them know when packages are delivered and record any activity if a theft should occur. Plus, the mere presence of a security camera or a video doorbell can cause potential thieves to think twice about approaching someone's house.

Keep intruders away with alarms and perimeter security systems

To further prevent burglaries and home intrusions, customers who are considering holiday travel may want to add additional layers of security with the latest alarm and perimeter security products. Today's alarm systems incorporate many smart-home features and integrate with other components of a comprehensive security system, such as video doorbells, security cameras, door and window sensors, motion sensors and more. Your customers may also want to think about adding additional exterior lighting around their property, not only for security reasons but to add aesthetic value to their home as well.

Protect your customers' homes and families with fire and environmental products

Safety-conscious homeowners may want to take extra precautions to guard against fire risks, such as fires caused by candles, electrical malfunctions and unattended stoves. According to one estimate, Christmas decorations caused more than 800 home fires from 2014 to 2018. Fires that started with Christmas trees caused an average of $10 million in property damage during that same time frame.

While those statistics are scary, you can help your customers by installing smoke detectors in every bedroom and on every level of their house. And, you can talk to them about installing other devices, too, such as carbon monoxide detectors and liquid leak sensors. Encourage customers to test these products regularly to ensure they are working properly, and have them stock up on back-up batteries just in case. There's never a good time to have a home mishap, but especially during the holiday season.

Use indoor AV products to turn your customers into hosts

With their safety and security needs covered, homeowners can focus on the fun stuff: getting their homes ready to host family and friends. You can help your customers get the party going with the latest residential AV products, such as soundbars, speakers and more – all of which can be connected to their other home automation products that take the effort out of entertaining. A big-screen projector can help parents take their family movie nights to the next level, while other homeowners might just need to upgrade their existing devices, such as Blu-ray players, TVs, stereos and more.

Take the party outdoors with the right AV setup

For customers who opt to take the party outside, be sure they have the optimal setup with outdoor lighting products, all-weather speakers and outdoor TVs. Keep in mind that not all television and stereo equipment is suitable for outdoor use. Look for products that are labeled "weather-resistant" or "all-weather," and let your imagination run wild, with possibilities for outdoor movie nights, speakers disguised as rocks, and more.

Keep them connected with the right network equipment

Of course, all of these devices require a fair amount of bandwidth and connectivity. Make sure your customers have the appropriate networking equipment, such as network routers and wireless access points, to keep their devices and equipment running smoothly. Doing so will ensure that your customers can entertain family and friends or connect virtually over a video call with loved ones who live far away.

Link everything together with all the right wiring products

Now that you've covered your customers' need for safety, convenience and quality entertainment, tie it all together with the correct wire and cable, including coax, fire alarm and speaker wire, which is the backbone of many of the devices and systems your customers will use over the holiday season. The right cable, connectivity, routing and supports allow you to reduce signal loss, increase network performance and ensure success for other devices that your customers use.

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