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Experiencing Equipment Destruction or Misuse? Stay Protected with STI.


Equipment destruction and misuse within public buildings have significantly increased in recent years. For over 40 years, STI has remained committed to making sure vulnerable devices are protected and stay operational.

Safety Technology International (STI) is a long-time trusted global manufacturer of easy to install fire, safety and security products that help deter false alarms, prevent theft and minimize damage to equipment in buildings.

The alarming cost of false fire alarms

Recurring false fire alarms is a worldwide concern, as the problem continues to be a strain for communities.

False alarms cost building owners more than $100 million in 2020 and caused a loss of productivity from employees, students, customers or visitors.

In a recent study, U.S. fire departments responded to 2,889,000 false fire alarms in 2018, according to Statista Research Department. Malicious false calls increased by 22% from 2017, accounting for 171,500 of all false calls. Failure to take meaningful action to address this problem could have disastrous consequences for citizens, first responders, building owners and security officers.

Prevent false fire alarms

To help decrease false fire alarm dangers, STI invented the Universal Stopper® protective polycarbonate cover. The indoor/outdoor cover helps guard manual call points, electrical switches, pull stations and more from malicious or accidental activation, physical damage and severe environments. When the cover is lifted, a warning horn sounds locally and flashes (STI-14000 series). Immediate attention is drawn to the area before a false alarm can be pulled. The Universal Stopper does not restrict legitimate alarms from being activated. The cover is offered in a variety of colors and with multiple label options and mounting selections.

Buttons and switches for rapid response

Realize the power of early warning with STI’s push buttons and switches. The buttons aid in rapid response to critical incidents by allowing users to perform an effective action when needed (lockdown, emergency power off, evacuation, police, etc.).

The Stopper® Station push buttons are available in six colors, with 10 activation choices, standard or custom labeling and optional illumination. NoTouch® switches allow users to exit or enter a building without touching the door handle and help reduce the spread of germs.

Improve building safety with mass notification

Mass notification is a powerful way to enhance the protection of all buildings and is the ultimate tool for communication and the management of emergent situations.

Improve building safety with STI alarms and strobes. They help alert people to concerning issues, or theft and misuse of important security devices.

Select-Alert mini controller siren/strobe alerts to urgent situations, unauthorized use, theft and vandalism of essential devices and doors. The combination of alarm and flashing LEDs is for wall, ceiling or cabinet mount, allowing it to be easily noticed and recognized as a notification of warning. The device is offered in six colors, with 32 sounds and eight flash patterns.

Highly effective Exit Stopper® door alarm helps prevent unauthorized use of unsupervised doors, back doors or exits that must be unlocked for safety purposes. The standalone alarm flashes and sounds when activated. It mounts on top of or next to almost any door. Warn in a second language with the provided labels. A key operated override will silence the alarm and allow authorized use of doors when required.

Theft Stopper® battery operated alarm helps protect extinguishers, emergency chairs, life rings and more from theft or misuse. The alarm mounts easily next to any item. When the protected item is moved, the siren emits, drawing immediate attention. Theft Stopper does not restrict legitimate use.

Reduce costly equipment replacement and repair

The protective cover market is predicted to experience a considerable influx in demand. There is an increasing need to secure sensitive devices that are required to be mounted or stored in a public area, yet keep them guarded against damage.

STI’s EnviroArmour® NEMA enclosures in a range of sizes offer mounting flexibility, climate control options and power distribution choices to help decrease costs, while also protecting against the elements. The non-metallic environmental enclosures provide fast and easy installation. The series easily adapts to a facility’s space and budget needs while allowing secured access to the protected equipment. Additional options are available.

Polycarbonate covers help protect equipment from theft and vandalism while allowing secured access when necessary. STI offers several cover sizes, models and mounting choices.

Alleviate the threat of equipment impairment with STI’s highly durable Metal Protective Cabinets. Cost-effective, low-maintenance and compact wall-mounted cabinets are the solution to ensure important equipment or system documents and keys are safely maintained.

Protect your investments with steel cages

Mitigate the threat of equipment impairment with STI’s steel cages. They offer excellent protection to vulnerable devices by helping to prevent vandalism, accidental damage, misuse and theft.

Constructed of tough, 9-gauge steel wire coated with corrosion resistant polyester, stainless steel, or cold-rolled steel, the guards help ensure protected devices are operational. They also help decrease maintenance costs and reduce time spent replacing broken or stolen units or waiting for parts to arrive.

STI offers wire guards in numerous models and sizes to protect smoke detectors, horns/strobes/speakers, clocks/bells, exit signs, motion detectors, clocks, speakers and more. Several units are UL/cUL Listed.

40+ years of experience

For over 40 years, you can Rely on STI® for covers, cages, alarms and buttons.

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