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Outdoor areas in residential and commercial properties offer plenty of opportunities for low-voltage installers to gain business. Spaces like porches and patios in homes as well as patios and other outdoor eating areas in restaurants provide installation opportunities for lighting, video surveillance, AV systems and more. Residences, corporate office buildings, strip mall buildings and many other types of commercial buildings need effective irrigation systems, reliable access control solutions and strong outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity as well. ADI can help you with all your low-voltage product needs in these areas so you can create successful, customized outdoor installations.

Low-voltage outdoor solutions

Outdoor lighting solutions

Adding low-voltage outdoor lighting systems to your customers’ homes can enhance their landscaping and architectural features while making them more inviting for entertainment. Lighting solutions, like perimeter lighting devices, are also used as a security measure to make low-lit areas in residential or commercial properties more visible at night and deter possible crime. The right lighting at night can be imperative for other active security devices like video surveillance cameras and recorders.

Smart irrigation

For those dry summer days, make sure your residential and commercial customers have a smart irrigation system they can depend on for their lawns and gardens. Irrigation systems with the appropriate controller make watering simpler and more efficient. Groundskeepers and homeowners can customize their sprinkler system controllers to the time and areas the sprinklers should turn on without the manual labor of watering. A sprinkler system controller can help conserve water, save money and keep landscapes pristine.

All-weather speakers

Give your customers incredible outdoor audio and display setups for their spaces. For residential installations, outdoor weatherproof speakers can deliver clear and crisp sound in small or large areas. They’re also constructed to last, and some speakers are portable for audio that goes anywhere. Commercial properties and businesses also benefit from outdoor speakers year-round for daily operations or to add acoustic ambiance to outdoor areas.

Outdoor TVs and displays

Outdoor TVs and displays are perfect for creating an entertainment system with top image quality for both residential and commercial applications. Many of these products can withstand extreme weather and other exterior elements, making them ideal for any outdoor space — including backyard porches, restaurant patios and more. All-weather TVs, displays and projectors can enhance outdoor entertainment to home barbecues and help make the local pub the perfect place to watch the game on a sunny day.

Access control and emergency assistance

Help your commercial clients seamlessly regulate, track and secure movement outside of their facilities with weatherproof gate controllers. In multi-family residential buildings, these solutions are also beneficial to grant visitors access into specific areas. Card readers, keypads, electronic locks and related solutions make it easy to create the ideal customized installation. Emergency phone systems are an integral part of any access control system, as they provide communication between the indoor and outside areas.

Security and surveillance

For residential and commercial applications, outdoor cameras need to perform as expected despite weather conditions. Additionally, they need to have motion detection, night vision and Wi-Fi capabilities to clearly record activity all day and night. In residential systems, cameras with smart home and easy-to-install features are the best option for your customers. Commercial facilities like hotels, shopping centers and offices require robust surveillance cameras with advanced features like video analytics to ensure the safety of their team members and manage activity in areas with high traffic.

Wi-Fi setups and accessories

Through an entire system or a single device, you can offer whole-home coverage, so every device performs without interruptions or delays in outdoor areas. Wi-Fi extenders, access points and mesh Wi-Fi systems guarantee a strong connection so that residential customers can stream music, video and data in patios and backyards. In commercial facilities, a reliable internet connection is integral to maintaining efficient operations people depend on.

Outdoor burial wire

Regular Cat5E and Cat6 cables can wear out quickly if exposed to outside conditions. Outdoor burial wire is designed to withstand direct exposure to the soil and moisture and is rated for wet, dry or damp environments. When using outdoor cables, you can save the time and expense of conduits while guaranteeing your installations last longer.

Tools and hardware

Be prepared for your next install or repair. ADI’s wide selection of tools and hardware gives builders, electricians, data communications specialists and other pros the crimpers, screwdrivers, strippers, connectors, testers, wiring accessories and related tools they need to create successful outdoor installations. Regardless of your trade or specialty in the low-voltage industry, ADI has you covered.

Systems Design

If you have a large or complex project, ADI’s Systems Design team can help. Our team can help dealers, installers and contractors find the right products for any installation at the right price. And with years of experience in the industry, they can offer recommendations and share best-practice knowledge to make sure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

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