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    Flexible and Reliable Intrusion Solutions From Bosch

    Keeping the wrong people out is the goal of every security system. But when your facility is at risk, you want to know that your intrusion system will perform. Bosch delivers flexible and reliable intrusion products. With exceptionally accurate detectors to highly capable systems that can be customized to meet different requirements, Bosch helps protect properties, assets and most importantly, people. Bosch security systems help maximize peace of mind while minimizing intrusion events.

    Motion detectors

    Whether you’re securing a small business, large commercial property or high-security facility, you need reliable motion detectors that offer instant responses to intruders. Bosch has a long history of patented, award-winning performance in the field of intrusion alarm solutions. Their products are extremely reliable, providing world-class catch performance, while virtually eliminating false alarms. In addition, their motion detectors are easy to install and built to last, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

    The more critical the application, the more sensitivity and coverage you need from your motion detector. For maximum flexibility, Bosch offers a choice of PIR and TriTech motion detectors that suit different application requirements.

    PIR detectors sense movements in an area by using passive infrared technology (PIR), which sees infrared energy emitted by body heat. TriTech detectors use a combination of PIR, microwave Doppler radar technologies and advanced electronic signal processing. Only when both these sensor technologies are activated simultaneously and signals meet the requirements of the processing, an alarm will be triggered. An advanced signal processing algorithm intelligently analyzes motion for an almost instant response to intruders while knowing when to ignore false alarm triggers under a variety of environmental conditions.

    Excellent Catch Performance 

    Wall-to-wall coverage
    All Bosch motion detectors use high quality optics for high density, gap-free wall-to-wall coverage.
    Instant response from the first step
    First Step Processing technology delivers an instant response to the first step of a person without producing false alarms from other sources. 
    Detect a person at virtually any temperature
    Dynamic temperature compensation automatically adjusts the detector’s sensitivity so that it can identify a person at virtually any temperature. If the sun has been shining through a window all day raising the temperature of the room to 99° F (37° C) and someone enters the room, the sensor will compensate to detect this change and an alarm is triggered.
    Detect intruders who are trying to cover their body heat
    Cloak and Camouflage detection technology (C2DT), further maximizes catch performance against intruders who attempt to cover their body heat or infrared signal with a blanket or an umbrella.

    Highest Level of False Alarm Immunity

    Sealed optical chamber
    The optics and electronics are assembled into the front enclosure and sealed with a protective cover to prevent damage during installation. The sealed optical chamber also prevents drafts and insects from affecting the detector and creating false alarms.
    Adjusts to background disturbances
    Since many elements contribute to false alarms, Bosch invented Microwave Noise Adaptive Processing to differentiate between humans and background disturbances such as vibrating machinery, air conditioning and heating systems, as well as ceiling fans, further reducing false alarms without sacrificing the ability to detect an intruder.
    Optimizes installation for pet or non-pet applications
    When installing the detector, you can turn pet immunity on or off based upon application requirements. When pet immunity is turned off, the detector provides superior catch performance identical to the non-pet models. When pet immunity is turned on, the detector can distinguish between signals caused by humans and signals caused by pets. It ignores signals caused by one or two pets up to 100 lbs. (45 kg) or numerous rodents.
    White light immunity
    A dedicated white light sensor detects white light sources such as direct sunlight, car headlights or flashlights, without impacting the PIR detection reliability.

    Ease of Install

    Designed with unique features that speed up installation
    All Bosch motion detectors are designed with unique features that speed up installation by as much as 45% compared to models from other manufacturers. These features also reduce installer errors that can lead to false alarms or missed detection, thus reducing service calls.

    To meet the challenging needs of their customers, all Bosch product development goes through rigorous design framework to execute projects from ideation to the end user market with an emphasis on engineering rigor, quality, safety and reliability. This also includes significant testing in Bosch’s state-of-the-art testing facility ensuring that all components of the system work as they are intended to work. Products are tested and built to be integrated as a complete intrusion solution to provide accurate and timely information to those that depend on it. Bosch engineers are truly passionate about improving the products for their customers.

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