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    PowerG Wireless Technology Can Take Your Security and Automation Projects to the Next Level

    PowerG is a groundbreaking propriety wireless technology that increases security and signal range for wireless security, safety and automation devices. Supported by powerful features like 128-bit AES encryption, frequency hopping and four times the range of legacy wireless protocols, PowerG helps customers create effective, flexible wireless security systems.

    PowerG technology has been part of Johnson Controls' DSC and Qolsys lines of home security panels in the residential space for some time, so many residential customers are already familiar with PowerG technology. Lately, Johnson Controls has seen growing adoption of the technology in the commercial intrusion sector too.

    PowerG’s impressive range and reliability made creating a commercial intrusion panel an important priority for the Johnson Controls team. Johnson Controls launched the IQ Pro in 2023 to fill the demand for a PowerG-enabled commercial intrusion panel. IQ Pro empowered integrators to construct purely wireless or hybrid wired/wireless commercial security systems rather than needing to hardwire each device.

    PowerG Everywhere

    The revolutionary range of PowerG means that PowerG’s signal can travel up to 6,000 feet from Johnson Controls' panels without the need for repeaters. Johnson Controls recently introduced the PowerG Everywhere automation suite to provide even more options for integrators utilizing IQ Panel 4, IQ4 Hub, IQ4 NS or IQ Pro. With PowerG Everywhere, PowerG-enabled locks, sockets and switches can be placed anywhere, providing reliable wireless automation and security over the entire premises.

    Installing with PowerG

    PowerG Everywhere opens the door to highly customizable wireless systems across a broad range of installations.

    Residential options:

    Many residential installers don’t want to get bogged down with hardwired sockets or switches. For fully wireless remote lighting, simply plug one of the Johnson Controls smart sockets and connect it to the panel. Sockets come in both indoor (IQ Smart Socket PG) and outdoor formats (IQ Outdoor Plug PG).

    For wireless residential security, the Johnson Controls IQ Lock PG is the first remote lock to work with the mobile application.

    Builder, MDU and Commercial:

    PowerG Everywhere also offers hardwired switches (IQ Dimmer PG/IQ Decora Switch PG) and sockets (IQ Smart Plug PG). These are great options for builder and multifamily markets and boast the same reliable PowerG functionality as wireless devices.

    IQ Lock PG is also a perfect fit for apartment complexes, condominium projects and small office spaces. Commercial customers, like small businesses or restaurants, will still benefit from greater control over lighting and electrical sockets.

    So whether your installation is commercial or residential, you can count on PowerG technology reliable wireless technology that increases security and signal range for your security and automation projects.


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